Conteúdo Básico

  • Bit logic /Bit logic contacts and coils
  • Set and reset instructions
    / Positive and negative edge instructions
  • Timers /Counters / Compare
  • In-range and Out-of-range instructions
    /OK and Not OK instructions
  • Calculate instruction:
  • Add, subtract, multiply and divide instructions /Modulo instruction
  • Negation instruction /Increment and decrement instructions
  • Absolute value instruction /Minimum and Maximum instructions
  • Limit instruction /Floating-point math instructions
  • Move and block move instructions /FieldRead and FieldWrite instructions
  • Fill instructions /Swap instruction /CONV instruction
  • Conversion instructions for SCL /Round and truncate instructions
  • Ceiling and floor instructions
  • Program control
  • Overview of SCL program control statements / IF-THEN statement / CASE statement
  • FOR statement /WHILE-DO statement /REPEAT-UNTIL statement / CONTINUE statement
  • EXIT statement / GOTO statement / RETURN statement / Jump and label instructions
  • JMP_LIST instruction / SWITCH instruction / RET execution control instruction
  • Re-trigger scan cycle watchdog instruction / Stop scan cycle instruction
  • Get Error instructions /logic operations / AND, OR, and XOR instructions
  • Invert instruction / Encode and decode instructions
  • Select, Multiplex, and Demultiplex instructions
  • Date and time-of-day
  • Configuring the CPU for communication
  • Configuring the Local/Partner
  • Assigning IP addresses to programming and network devices
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